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Mozilla Firefox Keeps Freezing?

  • Apr 10

    Mozilla Firefox is a leading net browser, just like UC Browser, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. In fact, it is the second-highest used browsers in the allover world. It is famous in customers because of its advance aspects and feature's. But with a lot of compliments, it is also having some problem, and the most common issue is Firefox freeze's, or Mozilla Firefox keep's freezing. But, there is nothing to worry about because this search engine is also a part of technology running on the internet, and we all know that technology can be stuck sometime's; however, there is always a solution. Therefore, here we will discuss the remedies of Mozilla keeps freezing.

    How to deal with the problem Firefox Keeps Freezing?

    Disable the automatic update

    If automatic update is enabled in your devices, it may lead to a lot of hurdles and confusions in the smooth running of the browser. Follow the step to enable this setting:
    Open Mozilla icon
    Click on the tools option available on the topmost section
    Select “Add-ons” from the given tools
    Now it will redirect you to the “options.”
    Click on Advanced tab given on the topmost right side of the screen
    Click on the update tab
    Now “check for the update; however, let me choose whether to install them.”
    Now click on ok for final submission.
    Remove extra Add-ons from Firefox.

    An incompatible and outdated model of Add-ons may freeze Firefox. So we have to disable on those add-ons:

    Open Mozilla Icon
    When browser loads successfully, click on Tool's given on top
    Then select Add ons from the provided tools
    Now you’ll come to the Tools Manager screen
    Click on Extensions, moving forward click on Next.
    Then scroll down and click on Remove / Disable Add-ons from there. But while removing, make sure to remove which is not relevant for you in any vital program.
    Restart or refresh your browser before using it.

  • Apr 21

    When Windows senses that something could cause real harm, it stops everything, ie screen freezing occurs which results in the appearance of the blue screen. Blue screens are usually generated by dilemmas with the computer's hardware or issues with their hardware driver software.  repeater gsm

  • Jul 4

    A most effective way to resolve this issue is to update your browser or reinstall it. But there are some alternatives you should try them. I recommend you to try the best 5 web browsers for Windows and macOS.