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  • Our mission is to improve people’s opportunities to innovate. We do this by making powerful technology more accessible. We believe that with the right technology and mindset there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved.
  • We invest a lot of time in selecting the best providers for you to get quality components for your 3D printer. Our printed parts have been tested to ensure their compatibility with the rest of components that we supply.
  • Mister Cloner si propone come interlocutore esperto e professionale a studi di progettazione, agenzie di comunicazione, ingegneri, architetti, aziende meccaniche, musei e a tutte quelle realtà che necessitano di avere consulenza e servizi di scansione e stampa 3D.
  • Micron 3DP a subsidiary of Micron E.M.E Ltd specialize with the design manufacturing and assembly of high end extruders, hot ends and accessories for the hobby and professional 3d printing market.
  • A Metamáquina é a primeira fabricante brasileira de impressoras 3D de baixo custo. Somos uma empresa comprometida com a disseminação do conhecimento: todas as nossas máquinas são operadas por software livre e baseadas em hardware aberto, isto é, todos os ...  more