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  • Norfolk, Virginia, US
    Old World Labs is a group of passionate, gifted individuals from an array of multidisciplinary backgrounds. Our mission is to advance manufacturing by creating advanced processes and equipment to make your dreams a reality. Our team develops and manufactu...  more
  • Omni3D manufactures professional 3D printers meant for business and household purposes. We keep developing our products and spreading the word about 3D technology. We are also a supplier of high quality printing materials.
  • Optomec is breaking new ground in the world of additive manufacturing with its unique 3D printing technology. Since its first system introduction in 1997, it has implemented hundreds of innovative designs and products in areas such as electronics, energy,...  more
  • Since 2009 ORCABOT (part of Prodim International BV) is selling 3D printers all over the world. One of our printers is the Orca, which is well known on the market. Our main goal is to sell high quality, but affordable 3D printers. Every day, our developme...  more
  • Our commitment
    We are committed to a path of continuous improvement and performance excellence and will endeavour to support our customer base to the best of our abilities. We state openly our commitment to excellence in the four key cornerstones of our business.