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  • HoneyPoint3D is a dedicated 3D Printing and Scanning Retail Store. We offer pay per prints, educational classes, printer and accessories sales, 3D CAD file generation, rapid prototyping and 3D Scanning services.
  • HISPANATEC empieza un acuerdo comercial con RAYA DD - SIMPLE3DENT y presenta en EXPODENTAL las soluciones de impresión 3D de ENVISIONTEC para el sector dental. El sistema PERFACTORY permite realizar cofias, coronas, puentes y esqueléticos en material calc...  more
  • We're committed to providing the world with the tools and technology to usher in the next Industrial revolution. Join Kraftwurx so that you can help us 3D Print the Planet.
  • Whether you need a one off prototype for testing or a large run of your final product, Keech 3D Advanced Manufacturing can print exactly what you need.
  • KAIAO is one of the leading providers of rapid prototyping and manufacturing services in the world. Our in-dept knowledge of stereolithography enables us to provide premium service and quality at very competitive prices.we are devote to provide top-rankin...  more