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  • KAIAO is one of the leading providers of rapid prototyping and manufacturing services in the world. Our in-dept knowledge of stereolithography enables us to provide premium service and quality at very competitive prices.we are devote to provide top-rankin...  more
  • Make money from every creation, and don’t worry about piracy. No-one but you can access your files. Just design great products and create a business. Kwambio will do the rest, promoting the best designers to the world.
  • Inspirados en Julio Verne y su mítica frase "Todo lo que una persona puede imaginar, otros pueden hacerlo realidad" hemos visto en la impresión 3D una vía para ayudar a todo aquel, profesional o no a realizar sus sueños realidad, a llevar sus propuestas y...  more
  • The Kraken is built to last. We think, that a 3D printer is not a vacuum cleaner, nor a microwave, or mobile, but something like a good computer, or a car. It has to last. And with the modular design, and high quality components the Kraken won't be outdated.
  • Online store based in Germany.