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  • Based in Southampton, Hampshire; Imagine It, Hold It is a modern 3D Print Bureau with the vision of bringing the benefits of 3D Printing to everyone. Our services are fast, our pricing structure is fair and transparent and we will work closely with you th...  more
  • Customize your miniature choosing race, armor, accessories and mount.
  • 3D printing is the fastest, most cost effective way to rapidly prototype parts and gain design insight. We offer a range of 3D printing technologies and functional materials for prototyping and end-use parts.
  • Modelamos e imprimimos desde un engrane, una maqueta y una pieza dental, hasta juguetes, trofeos y artículos únicos de decoración para el hogar.
  • Idealab Prototypes neix amb la filosofia de materialitzar les idees dels nostres clients. Treballem amb les darreres tecnologies per tal de dotar de vida els vostres projectes en l’espai de temps més curt possible, ja que sabem que pels nostres clients aq...  more