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  • Organovo designs and creates multi-cellular, dynamic and functional human tissues for use in drug discovery and medical research. Our proprietary 3D bioprinting technology enables the creation of tissues that mimic key aspects of native tissues.
  • Wir produzieren Schweißdraht aus Kunststoff.
  • OPO'Lab is a multidisciplinary center dedicated to think and explore the creative use of new technologies in architecture, construction, design and other artistic fields, by promoting research, education and culture activities. Since its founding year, 20...  more
  • Opendot è un makerspace, un luogo d'incontro e di scambio, una fucina di sperimentazione, innovazione e ricerca.
  • Oo-kuma materials is well known through 3D Printing hobbyists, enthusiasts and industrial customers all around the globe.