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  • A community workshop for inventive, creative people. Together learning to use traditional and cutting-edge tools & technology to make what interests You.
  • The Tripodmaker Delta printer performs great and fits in our interieur. Quick and to the point e-mail support solved small start-up issues with ease. Definitely a recommended 3D printer for people who like to experiment with and want to get more out of a ...  more
  • bq

    We help people to understand technology, we inspire them to use it and develop it.
  • BUDA::lab is a public workplace and a meeting point where companies, individuals, students, schools, designers, ... can go to make, to attend workshops, to meet, to be inspired and to be challenged.
    BUDA::lab proposes a range of analog and digital machine...  more
  • Bucktown Polymers specializes in the development,formulation and manufacturing of:
    Adhesives, Coatings, Inks - Inkjet, Flexo,
    Screen, Resins, Functional Materials, Composites, Photopolymers - 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, Radcure - UV (Ultraviolet...  more