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  • MP Repro offers a complete range of value-added printing solutions. By combining best-in-class equipment, all-surface printing expertise, anytime-anywhere delivery, we are a partner of choice for any printing endeavour.
  • modell’o print est un magasin ouvert à tous; chez nous, pas besoin d’être ingénieur ni informaticien pour réaliser ses idées. Nos services s’adressent aussi bien aux gens du métier qu’aux novices, en général à tous les créatifs qui ont une idée en tête et...  more
  • MIZAR is located in the Technology Park of Alava since October 2014. The company focuses on the manufacturing of parts by the technology internationally known as Additive Manufacturing (AM). Additive Manufacturing bases on the successive deposition of mic...  more
  • MXD3D was incorporated in 2013 shortly after joining the Alchemist Accelerator. We focused our efforts to bring our 3D Printing, Gaming and CAD experience to solve a major gap in 3D Printing which is the availability of Relevant-Printable content. Our vis...  more
  • Experience in 3D printing and project development of mechanical parts in Openscad. Scanning with Kinect, Build different types of printers (Prusas, deltas).