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  • FabLab Lille est le premier FabLab ou Laboratoire de Fabrication du Nord de la France. Il a ouvert en octobre 2011 et est un lieu à la fois de fabrication d'objets et de partage de connaissances. La fabrication par soi-même (DIY) est ici encouragée. Vous ...  more
  • In the province of Fryslân (northern part of The Netherlands) we’re using a mobile lab facility, named FryskLab (a former library-bus) to bring making and 21st centurys skills to primary and secondary education, trying to find solutions for local socio-ec...  more
  • Somos una academia joven, con muchas ganas de enseñar y conocedores de la situación actual. Queremos transmitir todo tipo de enseñanzas sobre las últimas y nuevas tecnologías que harán de tu curriculum y tus conocimientos una base sólida para presentarte ...  more
  • Since by “making” one can learn most effectively –i.e., by the physical implementation at all scales, the ICTP Scientific FabLab place aims to play a significant role as a hub (or aggregator) to support the creative work of scientists and targeted scholar...  more
  • A coworking, coproduction and events space for people who want to make the world kinder to humans and the environment.