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  • In 1986 Bray International, Inc. was founded with one objective, to become our customer’s global flow control partner. Our worldwide offices and distribution networks have made us truly global. Our comprehensive line of flow control solutions has made us ...  more
  • Base Lab Tools manufactures optical tables, breadboards, fine adjustment screws, opto-mechanics and optics for lab, manufacturing, industrial and government. Most parts ship from stock same day. Supporting the optical / photonics sciences.
  • Flintec is a world industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of high quality precision weighting technologies. Flintec's product range consists of force and weight sensors, suitable across a wide range of industrial applications.
  • Wachsende Anforderungen in Sachen Automatisierung und immer größer werdende Stückzahlen, die kosteneffizient bereitgestellt werden müssen, machen Förderbänder bei zahlreichen Produzenten unersetzbar. Gurtförderbänder sind durch Ihren einfachen Aufbau sowi...  more
  • Manufacturer of flow meters, oil lubrication systems and oil analyzers