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(EN) Airwork cylinders and valves are now available as 3D CAD data in over 150 formats

  • Customer service and Digital Customer Experience: here are the benefits of the new 3D CAD catalog of Airwork powered by CADENAS

    Airwork is a manufacturer of pneumatic components for industrial automation that has chosen to distribute 3D CAD models of its products in a digital catalog based on CADENAS eCATALOGsolutions technology. At the link https://airwork.partcommunity.com/3d-cad-models/ you can select the CAD models of the Airwork pneumatic components, view the 3D preview and download them in over 150 CAD formats, and then integrate them with a few clicks in the projects, with all design-relevant metadata and 3D PDF datasheets.

    Now the CAD Catalog includes these products: ISO 6432 and ISO 15552 cylinders (standard and stainless), ISO 21287 cylinders, compact guided cylinders, rod locks, guide units, stopper cylinders, rodless cylinders, mounting accessories, electrically, manual and pneumatic operated valves, NAMUR valves and the VH2 series solenoid valve island.

    Optimized customer service thanks to faster design

    Today engineers and designers need to quickly and easily find the product information they need. To meet their needs, Airwork decided to implement an online 3D CAD catalog, which could make all products available for download with a few clicks. "With the creation of this digital catalog we aim to meet the needs of engineers and designers who are increasingly looking for ready-to-use solutions for the development of their projects and the consequent inclusion of our products from the initial phase of study and realization of a new machine or application", says Luca Cipollini, Sales Manager at Airwork. "For this reason we chose to collaborate with CADENAS because we considered it the leading partner and best known for the creation of a digital catalog with focus on pneumatic automation and because the commercial proposal and future potential are the most in line with our growth expectations".

    Qualified leads and statistical data on downloads

    For manufacturers who distribute 3D CAD models online every download is a qualified lead. With the 3D CAD Model Catalog developed with CADENAS' eCATALOGsolutions technology, Airwork can use analytical tools to track new leads and increase ROI. Through the Statistic Tool it is in fact possible to analyse the data collected through the download of CAD models and use them for their internal sales and marketing strategies. The Airwork Catalog is available on the CADENAS 3Dfind.it and PARTcommunity portals, which in 2020 recorded over 666 million CAD model downloads. This guarantees a wide diffusion of the Catalog on the international market. "We believe that the opportunity to see our products published on nearly 100 vertical portals that collaborate with CADENAS, can allow us to increase the popularity of our brand towards all those companies and designers who do not yet know us and from which we could derive mutual benefits in terms of collaboration and development", adds Luca Cipollini.

    Airwork’s 3D CAD Catalog is available here: https://airwork.partcommunity.com/3d-cad-models/

    To learn more about Airwork visit: https://www.airwork-pneumatic.com/