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(INT) CADENAS congratulates customer Thales Alenia Space

  • We would like to congratulate our customer Thales Alenia Space on its NASA Mission STS 130. The parts “Nodo 3” and “Cupola” were sent into orbit along with the Endeavor shuttle on the 8th of February 2010 in order to complete the European components of the International Space Station (ISS).

    Both elements were created entirely in the Thales Alenia Space Italia factory in Torino. “Nodo 3” is the second compound capsule that was created in Torino on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA). Its twin, “Nodo 2” (Harmony), already docked onto the ISS in October of 2007.

    “Nodo 3” is a miracle of technology: With a length of 6.7 meters and a diameter of 4.5 meters, the cylindrical capsule is equipped with 6 docking gates for further capsules or space shuttles. In addition, “Nodo 3” is the most modern Life Support System which has been sent into space thus far: it recycles the sewage, creates oxygen for the crew and can even be used as a gym. As soon as the capsule is docked and operational, both training equipments from ISS are immediately relocated there.

    The “Cupola” is the largest window in the space station. Through it, astronauts can better follow the space walks of their colleagues and relax while watching the earth.


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