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(INT) The direct hotline to purchasers and engineers – Your free group on the CAD download portal PARTserver Community

  • As of now, the 3-D CAD download portal PARTserver Community by CADENAS offers all component manufacturers the opportunity to form their own group free of charge aside from their published electronic product catalogs.

    The purpose of these groups is to enable manufacturers and their customers and interested parties direct contact in a simple way. Companies can publish a number of information in their groups, including innovations, pictures and videos.

    Steer the attention and interest of customers and interested parties onto your company and your electronic product catalog by forming a PARTserver Community group.

    The advantages of your own group on the 3-D CAD download portal PARTserver Community:

    1. Use this opportunity to make your print catalog available as a PDF file for downloading in your group. This will increase the popularity of your print catalog among customers and interested parties.

    2. Let us put your electronic product catalog in the spotlight. A rotating selection of groups with logo and company name will be displayed on the homepage of the PARTserver Community download portal.

    3. Use your group as an information platform. Make all your company’s important news and information available to the members of your group and enable your users to follow your group along via RSS Feeder.

    4. Increase the page ranking of your company by directly linking your company homepage in your group. The PARTserver Community portal supports you in this because it belongs to the 2800 most visited websites in Germany (source: www.alexa.com, 22nd February 2010). Make sure that interested parties have an easy time finding your company when using the respective search engines.

    5. Make your group a hit with images and videos.

    6. Start surveys made especially for you. CADENAS offers to conduct surveys within your group that are specifically catered to your needs as well as those of your customers and interested parties.

    7. Address your international customers. The PARTserver Community portal gives you the opportunity to address customers outside of the German market in England, France, Italy, Spain, and North America.

    8. Link your group directly to your PARTcommunity 3-D CAD product catalog and attract the attention of customers and interested parties onto your products.

    Do you also want to be convinced by the numerous advantages of your own free group on the 3-D CAD download portal PARTserver Community?

    Get inspired by the group AMF by Andreas Meier Fellbach using the following link:

    Form your own PARTserver Community group now:


    CADENAS will gladly help you set up your own PARTserver Community group. Simply send an email with the subject "PARTserver Community Group"to: groups@partcommunity.com.