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(INT) Classify 3D CAD Parts with Same-Parts Clusters

  • CADENAS GmbH simplifies the finding of parts in electronic product catalogs: The software solution PARTsolutions now enables the display of 3-D CAD product data in same-parts cluster with the geometrical similarity search.

    CADENAS PARTsolutions

    In these clusters, all geometrically similar parts are bundled into one bubble. By clicking on this bubble, all CAD product data from this same-parts cluster is displayed.

    Classifying Part Masters without Classification

    With this additional CADENAS function, untended parts masters can be cleaned up without having to classify these manually beforehand.

    The geometrical similarity search as an additional function of the strategic parts management system helps find, reduce, and manage parts. The CADENAS software solution also helps reduce costs effectively while optimizing processes in companies.



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