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(EN) Successful recertification of AMF as per ISO 9001:2015

  • AMF has completed the conducted recertification process successfully for the eigth time. With our recertification, we have proven that the conformity of our quality management system with the standard ISO 9001:2015 continues to be satisfied.

    We therefore provide our customers with the assurance that, in addition to the renowned AMF product quality, our processes and organisation meet international quality standards and are continuously improved.

    Our quality management system was certified to ISO 9001 for the first time back in 1997. Regular system audits in the subsequent years were also passed without any discrepancies in each instance.

    The certification applies for the scope development, production and distribution of locks for doors and gates, modular fixture systems, hydraulic and mechanical clamping elements, screwdriving tools, quick clamps, zero point clamping systems, magnetic clamping systems, vacuum clamping systems and automation technology and is valid up until July 2024.