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Rosie Roza

Recent Entries

  • (EN) B2Run Croatia 2019 - Zagreb, Croatia (CADENAS team)

    Our CADENAS team participated in the last B2Run Croatia race held in the city of Zagreb October 3rd 2019 and this time we had three employees representing our company. Short reminder: It is 5 kilometers running competition organized for companies located in Croatia. That was the 4th race i...
  • (EN) Sommerfest 2019 - Slavonski Brod, Croatia

      Last Saturday, 7th of September 2019, was one of those special days when CADENAS Croatia is saying „THANK YOU“ to its employees by organizing Sommerfest as we do every single year. The happening was held at our local aero-club „Jelas“ in Slavonski Brod, Croatia. &nbs...
  • (EN) Cube - step by step

    This is a cube 3D model designed in PARTsolutions software. Render is also done and this is the basic idea what I wanted to make.      The model is printed and it is ready to be painted.   Yellow candy paint is applied and it will give better effect under red paint. &...