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(EN) Tipco Inc. launches 3D CAD product catalog powered by CADENAS with precision tooling components

  • Digital parts library with customizable configurator provides customers with comprehensive product information & optimized online experience

    Tipco Inc. has partnered with CADENAS to release an on-demand, 3D CAD model library with product configuration features. The company manufactures standard and custom precision tooling components for automotive, consumer goods and medical industries, including punches and die buttons. The new configuration tool enables Tipco’s diverse customer base to download 3D CAD models 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Tipco’s customizable 3D previews give customers the opportunity to educate themselves on the company’s standard products before engaging with the customer service team.

    3D CAD product catalog as an important resource for comprehensive product information for both customers and employees

    With the new tool, Tipco will educate and inform stakeholders, including prospective and current customers. "We are constantly looking at ways to add and create value. This includes educating and informing stakeholders about the industry and our products," says Christopher Gilbert, President of Tipco Inc. "We’d like to be known as a valued resource where prospective and current customers can come to us for help and assistance. For example, Tipco’s online configurator can be a valuable resource for 3D product visualization, CAD model data, PDF datasheets, and more."

    Tipco's 3D CAD product catalog is also a valuable internal resource. The tool allows Tipco team members to quickly access product information from almost anywhere, which helps engage customers, facilitate new conversations, and even streamline the purchasing process. Gilbert adds, "When a customer builds and downloads a model, they can easily send us the project for review. The model can start the conversation and helps us understand how the tooling will be used." Gilbert continues, "The simplicity of this tool is a game-changer for our stakeholders. The configurator makes it easy to visualize our products, adjust parameters to fit design specifications, and quickly download models in a wide range of formats."

    The 3D CAD product catalog of Tipco Inc. can be found at:

    For more information about Tipco Inc., please visit:


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