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(EN) CADENAS team scores with 66 million CAD downloads (=sales leads) in July

  • With intelligent engineering data & digital twins, component manufacturers play in a completely different league

    Reason to cheer: A total of 6 CAD download records in just one season (September 2019 - July 2020)! Also, in July, the manufacturers' catalogs, based on CADENAS technology, were able to achieve a clear points victory: For the first time engineers, architects, planners and designers downloaded 66,060,910 CAD engineering & BIM data files worldwide. This increase also pleases the component manufacturers represented on the CADENAS portals, because every 3D CAD download of a product represents a valuable sales lead. The number of 3D CAD downloads also increases thanks to 3DfindIT.com, the innovative visual search engine for 3D manufacturer components developed by CADENAS. In this way, manufacturers do not need a home advantage, because they easily score points worldwide with their electronic product catalogs.

    3DfindIT.com scores with worldwide marketing potential for component manufacturers

    The innovative search engine 3DfindIT.com from CADENAS was launched in June 2019. Conventional search engines focus specifically on delivering search results that are as suitable for everyday use as possible. However, these are often unsuitable or irrelevant for engineering and architecture. Using 3DfindIT.com, manufacturers and their components can be integrated directly into the CAD & BIM designs of engineers and architects as well as into the respective parts lists. These are then finally procured by the purchasing department. Studies show that in 87% of cases, downloading engineering data later leads to a real purchase of the product.

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