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(EN) Download record: "Highway to Sell" for component manufacturers with over 56 million CAD downloads (= sales leads) in June

  • 3D search engine 3DfindIT.com rocks the summer - manufacturers are happy about increased number of sales leads

    With their components on 3DfindIT.com and PARTcommunity powered by CADENAS, the 3D CAD product catalogs of component manufacturers are now really taking off: In the month of June 2020, engineers, architects and purchasers downloaded 56,353,866 CAD & BIM models from renowned manufacturers worldwide for the first time, providing them with a steadily increasing number of valuable sales leads.

    These numbers rock:

    • Steady growth: The download record in June is already the third monthly record in the first half of 2020.
    • Very high increase of download numbers within 12 months: The number of 3D CAD downloads has increased by 70% within one year, also thanks to 3DfindIT.com. (Period: June 2019 - June 2020)
    • Large number of manufacturer catalogs: Over 2300 catalogs are currently listed on 3DfindIT.com.
    • Continuous expansion of manufacturer catalogs: Over 1000 new catalogs have been added to 3DfindIT.com since October 2019.
    • Worldwide distribution: The goal is to provide 50 million users with up to 25,000 product catalogs for 10 different markets on 3DfindIT.com by 2022.

    3DfindIT.com as "Highway to Sell" for component manufacturers

    The innovative search engine 3DfindIT.com from CADENAS was launched in June 2019. Conventional search engines focus specifically on delivering search results that are as suitable for everyday use as possible. However, these are often unsuitable or irrelevant for engineering and architecture. Using 3DfindIT.com, manufacturers and their components can be integrated directly into the CAD & BIM designs of engineers and architects as well as into the respective parts lists. These are then finally procured by the purchasing department. Studies show that in 87% of cases, downloading engineering data later leads to a real purchase of the product.

    You also want to generate more sales leads and benefit from the increased marketing power? We would be happy to advise you!

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