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(EN) PARTsolutions makes it easy to find the unmachined part for the perfect finishing touch

  • Unmachined part search of the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions is carried out on the basis of a constructed finished part

    Sometimes things need to be fine-tuned until they have the right shape: Like shaving poodles, engineers often need to individualize an existing unmachined part to get the right component. The Strategic Parts Management by CADENAS offers an important feature in the search for the right component. With the help of the unmachined part search, PARTsolutions users can quickly and easily find a geometrically suitable unmachined part within the existing database based on a designed finished part.

    The software solution PARTsolutions checks whether the finished part is smaller than the unmachined part at all points. This ensures that the finished part can be created by removing material from the raw part. The CADENAS unmachined part search additionally calculates how much material has to be removed, that the finished part can be developed from the unmachined part. In an overlay display, the finished part can also be compared visually to the unmachined part. A report provides information of the existing stock and the application fields for the unmachined parts. Companies in the manufacturing industry are thus effectively supported in the standardization of parts by unmachined parts.

    In addition, a reverse search is possible. Engineers can quickly and easily find out which finished parts they can create from an unmachined part.

    This is how the PARTsolutions unmachined part search works in practice:

    Under the motto "intelligent finding", CADENAS presents new opportunities to quickly find product information as well as CAD data of standard, purchased and individual parts. The search functions have been optimized especially for the needs of engineers as well as purchasers and facilitates the finding of required components through intuitive operation.

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