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(EN) CADENAS supports international model flying competition in Croatia

  • In May and June, Slavonski Brod hosted the international competitions for gliders and electric model aircraft

    The Innovation Company on new paths. This year CADENAS sponsored the international model flying competitions "FAI F3K Kup Broda" and "F5J Kup Broda" in Slavonski Brod, Croatia. 

    Thanks to the managing director of the Croatian CADENAS office, a passionate pilot, last year's CADENAS summer event included a model flying competition and thus aroused the interest of colleagues in this sport. As the enthusiasm was so huge, the team sponsored this year's model flying competitions "FAI F3K Kup Broda" and "F5J Kup Broda" in Slavonski Brod.

    Strict rules demand top performance from the participants

    The rules of the competition, which is held by the FAI - the World Air Sports Federation - are clearly defined: 
    The so-called "FAI F3K", which took place on 25 &26 May, was a multitasking competition in which radio-controlled glider models were started by hand and certain exercises had to be performed. The competition should consist of at least five rounds within a 10 minute time frame. The model airplanes are small and were thrown into the air by hand.
    At the "FAI F5J" competition at the beginning of June the rules were stricter because the planes are bigger and have an electric motor. The take-off, flight and landing phases are strictly prescribed and any deviation from these rules will be penalized with a point deduction. But not only the strict rules made this event a tough competition.

    Numerous CADENAS employees actively supported the organization

    The participants had to struggle not only with wind and rain, but also with a fighting stork. But in the end a lucky winner could be chosen, who received a trophy, a CADENAS team shirt and a glider with an electric motor. 

    The CADENAS team also supported the competition as line judge, points judge, photographer and at the award ceremony.

    The video of the "FAI F5J" competition

    The next competition, the Croatian national championship for electric motor gliders on 22 & 23 June 2019, is already in the starting blocks and CADENAS will of course be part of it again.