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(EN) High Tech Sling Shot: Spiral Ball Bearing Launcher


    Watch Joerg show us how to turn a drill into a monster shotgun!

    It’s been a while since we checked in with our crazy cousin Joerg, aka “King of the Slingshot.”

    As usual he’s been creating low-tech awesomeness and destroying all kinds of stuff in the process. Joerg is known for his slingshots, crossbows and chainsaw launching spear guns, but he’s been keeping his eye on the high tech. Namely, this kickstarter for “the Slingatron,” a super-sized railroad into space. Basically, it’s a spiral based launching mechanism to hurl junk into space much more cheaply, which I think is a good thing. 

    Apparently this Slingatron caught Jorerg’s imagination, and he created his own version, which is pretty much a drill powered snail shell which blasts giant ball bearings at deadly speed!


    You may notice that Joerg has one heck of a sinister laugh, and we’re glad he’s using his German ingenuity for good and not evil. I mean Germans are the folks who brought us all the best stuff: Beer, Volkswagens and the Theory of Relativity. Really though, no need in upsetting this guy , I don’t want to wind up on the wrong end of a 200 mph ball bearing!



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