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Eddie Choi

Recent Entries

  • (EN) Are You Struggling With the Connectivity Issue?

    In the industrial manufacturing Industry, connectivity failures can lead to costly downtime, temporary outage, and in the worst case scenario, cause a line down situation in the facility.  In most cases, the connectivity issues are caused by one of following conditions: - Small dusts or par...
  • (EN) Industrial Ethernet cordsets and connectors simplify design

    Industrial network systems allow for real-time distributed control of many connection points from a single controller. These “network bus” systems reduce the total amount of cable required and can simplify the overall design. Mencom offers a broad range of industrial network connectivity...
  • (EN) Can Your Connectors Survive in the Harsh Manufacturing Environment?

    One of the biggest challenges that every manufacturer struggle with is how to prevent downtime or outage caused by connection failure. Abusive manufacturing environments with extreme conditions are where these issues are most likely to take place. Sometimes it is difficult to diagnose and locate the...