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(EN) Reliable High-Power Management for Harsh Environments

  • There are several options when it comes to terminating wires for rectangular connectors. Axial screw termination is one of the most common methods in the industry. This method is suitable for field installation or maintenance because not only is the connection is stable and secure, but also either a common slot screwdriver or hex tool is everything required for termination of the wires. However, this method tends to take a longer time to terminate wires and the connection is likely to be susceptible to mechanical stresses.

    Since harsh environmental conditions come with a variety of potential risks and in turn require more reliable solutions, Mencom offers the robust rectangular power connectors series (CX-8/0) featuring safe crimp termination. Compared to other rectangular inserts using the axial screw termination, the CX-8/0 series with crimp technology is more resistant to mechanical stresses such as vibration, shock, and strain on wire strands. When mated, the connection is sealed and gas-tight, thereby preventing corrosion on the metal contacts and performing consistent and efficient connectivity with lower voltage drop. Also, the crimp termination helps to reduce wire termination time and therefore shortens the overall connection time.

    The new crimp rectangular inserts can be fitted with up to 8 power contacts rated up to 600V, 100A. The silver-plated contacts can be terminated with wires up to 35 mm2 / 2 AWG. It is fully compatible with products of the same size from other reputable companies. The inserts are provided with the patented red locking keys. These locking keys help secure the contact holder in place while ensuring quick fitting and removal of crimped connections. They can be easily removed by a simple flat blade screwdriver.

    For more information, contact the factory or visit www.mencom.com.


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