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(EN) Mencom introduce the new MIXO ONE series enclosures for single-sized MIXO modules

  • MIXO ONE series is an aluminum housings system designed to accept a wide range of single-sized MIXO series modules. These robust rectangular connector enclosures are available in 3 hood variants and 1 bulkhead mounting base. The numerous combinations of the MIXO ONE housings and single-sized MIXO inserts will easily allow each module to be converted into a fully independent connector for electrical power, data transmission, optical signals, or compressed air applications.


    Features and specifications:

    • MIXO ONE series is designed to install the single-sized modules in one guided way only so that an incorrect match with the mating connector can be avoided
    • The housings Incorporate a pre-leading (first-make, last-break) PE connection terminal and contact for the safest connector operation. The pins protruding from the bulkhead mounting housing play as a key guide in cooperation with the corresponding keyway sockets in the hoods to avoid incorrect 180° reversed mating with a matching connector
    • Four optional coding pins are available which can generate up to 16 different coding combinations as a provision against mismatching when identical connectors are installed side by side
    • Hoods are split into two parts (front, rear) to mount a single-sized MIXO module and simplify the enclosure’s PE connection
    • Four self-threading screws and self-retaining sealing gasket are supplied for the hoods
    • Bulkhead mounting base featuring rigid stainless-steel locking lever is supplied with the module locking frame and self-retaining flange gasket
    • Shock-proof and self-extinguishing thermoplastic (UL94V-2) protection covers are available for hoods and base suitable for outdoor environments.


    Please visit www.mencom.com for more information.