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(EN) School project - Buggy


    In this post we will show how is made our school's project. On this project have been worked 4 students, which are the graduating class car mechanic:

    Zijad Isaković
    Džanan Mulalić
    Emrah Skenderović
    Suad Haralčić

    Emil Elkasović, graduate engineer of mechanical engineering

    Esmir Duraković, graduate engineer of mechanical engineering

    The ''single seater'' is made of pipe steel construction, square cross section, based on the previous prepared documentation. 3D models and 2D drawings are made in CATIA V5 R20.




    First we cut out all the material for the lower chassis frame. Joining was performed by welding.

    After completing the frame, the engine was mounted. Drive motor is taken from model FORD FIESTA 1.1. L (1989), and some other parts. The engine is gasoline, with the power of 37 kW. Everything else we found on the car dump.

    Front suspension is handmade from pipe Ø20 mm, so-called ''Double wishbone''. Shock absporber with springs are taken from model Audi 80, and steering mechanism are taken from model VW Golf 2.

    The wheels and tires are 14 inch with rear brake discs. Spoilers and decorative parts are made of polystyrene boards.

    A complete project was made about 2 monts, and spent 500 working hours.


    Project's video presentation.







  • Lado Antic
    Lado Antic Congratulations! Great project!
    February 6, 2017
  • Dalibor Pejicic
    Dalibor Pejicic Excellent project and article, very informative. Thank you for sharing it with us and feel free to publish more articles/projects like this one!
    February 6, 2017