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(EN) Air Purification for Production of Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Parts

  • In cooperation with ILK Dresden (Institute for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration), ULT AG has developed special extraction and filtration units for production of glass fibre reinforced plastic parts (GFR). These systems can be utilized to remove and intensively filtrate styrene, fine dusts and chips from process air. Such airborne pollutants can have serious impact on the health of employees and process system functionality.

    In collaboration with the ILK Dresden, ULT analysed the behaviour of filters and filter-aid powders and, subsequently, developed solutions to capture and precipitate resulting hazardous substances to a high degree. The air purification system features a two-step design: In the first step, self-cleaning cartridge filters are utilised. Using HEPA-type (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, in a subsequent step finest suspended matter is captured. Finally yet importantly, energy efficiency benefits from feeding back the purified air into the working room.

    One particular challenge for respective filtration technology was the processing of polyester resin and glass fibre with some fillers added. Fire and explosion prevention had also to be considered.

    The resulting solution is a newly developed metering device that ensures binding of the aggressive polyester dust mixture particles, extended filter service lifetime, protection of ducts and equipment against wear, leading to reduced costs.