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(EN) B2Run 2022 - Zagreb, Croatia

  • Fourth and the final B2Run 2022 race happened on 15th of September in Zagreb. As always, this was the biggest race considering it was held in capital of Croatia. Numbers are very impressive: 236 companies - 5851 runners signed in. Some of them could not take that pressure and they gave up, but still 4004 runners participated!


    Weather conditions?

    A terrible thunderstorm with constant heavy rain that fell all day long.

    The Judgement Day!




    Our super-heroes managed to get through that hell, built Noah’s Ark (designed by CADENAS, of course) and became even more encouraged for the race.

    What a spirit!

    Kristina Vukelic, Mladen Stepic, Aron Mazuran, Danijel Juric, Kresimir Gajsek, Tomislav Borozni, Tomislav Vidovic and Luka Đerek – living legends.

    Dream team!





    We are so good that we can win with hands in our pockets!




    Everyone was ready and could not wait to hear that famous BANG sound from a starting pistol.

    This time no birds were harmed. We still do not know what happened last time, but it was not our fault.


    Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!!!!!





    After 5 kilometers, our team managed to finish the race and score excellent results. Important notices: no diving fins or paddles were used or any kind of swimming equipment.


    New TV show: Fast and Wet!




    A view from the top of the world!




    B2Run 2022 Zagreb results:


    1. 7th place: CADENAS Services d.o.o. - men (middle size companies 50-250 employees)
    2. 9th place: CADENAS Services d.o.o. - overall (middle size companies 50-250 employees)
    3. 4th place – men/individual: Luka Djerek (middle size companies 50-250 employees)





    Although the race itself was very demanding and weather conditions were bad, our team managed to come back home safely. The final overall results of all four B2Run races will be announced soon and we will keep you posted.


    Big THANK YOU to our CADENAS running team – our pride and joy!