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(EN) CADENAS Sommerfest 2022 – Slavonski Brod, Croatia

  •  Finally, after we missed it in years 2020 and 2021 (COVID-19 measures), Sommerfest Croatia is here, again!

    The event took place on 3rd of September 2022 in Slavonski Brod at the sport airport Jelas.

    Everyone was so excited to see colleagues and their families, but also our special guests from CADENAS Germany (Augsburg, Wolfsburg and Essen) led by our CEO Juergen Heimbach. Considering our company is constantly growing, this was a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to each other and raise our teamwork to a higher level.

    Approximately 180 people participated in this special occasion which was well organized, as always. Flying in a sailplane, darts tournament, inflatables for kids, good music and, of course, delicious food and drinks meant only one thing – good fun!














    After a long conversation and few drinks, it was time to taste our homemade Croatian food. Just one look at the table with a huge variety of tasty food made everyone hungry right away and we guess that is the reason why everybody stopped talking.

    We all cleaned our plates, as good girls and boys always do… and went for some more. It is a hard job, but somebody has to do it!








    Kids had their piece of paradise, too. Poor parents could not get them out a whole day long… Some adults tried to sneak through, but they were caught and kicked out right away. :)






    And then we had some serious thing going on – darts tournament. Twelve teams participated and did their best to win the 1st place. The crowd cheered for their teams, darts arrows were flying left and right, participants were under a lot of pressure, but they all performed very well.

    Our jury did the math and finally announced the winners.













    The moment everyone was waiting for – flying in a sailplane (winch launching). Our local “Aeroklub Brod” organized everything and made sure everyone is safe. Thankfully to our colleagues from Germany who “broke the ice” and flew first, others were encouraged and decided to fly, too. And this is how you create beautiful memories which will remain for the rest of your life…









    I am happy, because I survived! :)






    A view from cockpit over our hometown Slavonski Brod at 350 meters height. Flight instructor is seating behind and manages the whole flying process, while participant is seated in front to experience flight like a real pilot.




    Overall, almost 40 panoramic flights over the city were done. One of the most attractive parts of the flight was our famous star-shaped Dutch style The Fortress of Brod constructed in early 18th century as a part of defense system approved by Prince Eugene of Savoy. You can also see the center of the city and river Sava which is a natural borderline between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.




    We would like to thank all our employees and their families, members of “Aeroklub Brod” and our guests/colleagues from Germany who made this Sommerfest 2022 really special.

    Hope you had a great time and see you next year!




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