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(EN) B2Run 2022 - Osijek, Croatia

  • The third B2Run race was held in Osijek, Croatia (30th of June 2022) and this time 54 companies participated. Total of 457 runners was quite impressive number considering weather conditions were horrifying: 38 Celsius degrees!

    Luka Djerek, Filipe Marcelo Macao Magalhaes, Tomislav Borozni, Danijel Juric, Mladen Stepic, Kresimir Gajsek, Tomislav Vidovic and Aron Mazuran managed not only to run during such a hot day, but also to achieve excellent results.

    OK, the fact we told them they were not allowed to come back home if they do not score great results helped, as well.



    1. 2nd place overall (middle size companies 50-250 employees)



    2. 2nd place for men individually (middle size companies 50-250 employees)








    Next B2Run race is in Zagreb, Croatia (15th of September 2022) and it is the final one in 2022. Our CADENAS team has got enough time to get some well-deserved rest, but also to start with training for the most important race.

    Good luck!




    Our pride!



    O.K. Corral gunfight – Osijek version




    Luka “Road Runner” Djerek

    Beep! Beep!




    Filipe “The Terminator” Magalhaes

    He’ll be back! Again.



    And here we go!




    OK, how do you mean nobody knows where the finish line is???




    7 hours later...







    We are the Champions, my friends!







    Mr. Photographer! Yes, we know you just collapsed, but can you take one photo of us, please?

    No? OK, no photo – no ambulance!