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(EN) B2Run 2022 - Rijeka, Croatia

  • And here we go: second B2Run 2022 was held in Rijeka, Croatia on 2nd of June 2022. This time 82 companies participated in the race which is twice as much then the last time (Split). It was extremely hot, but our CADENAS team was well prepared – everyone had one case of beer!

    Before the race.

    And after the race.


    It was very demanding and exhausting 5-km, but we managed to score excellent results:



    1. CADENAS - 9th place overall (middle size companies 50-250 employees)



    2. Luka “Flash” Djerek - 6th place for men individually out of 192 runners (middle size companies 50-250 employees)




    3. Irena “Super-Girl” Marinovic - 8th place for women out of 144 runners (middle size companies 50-250 employees)



    Our team returned home safely, even although there was a heavy rain all the way back. We think it was a trap organized by our rivals to stop us winning the next race, but it did not work out - ha!


    Next destination – Osijek, Croatia.

    Irena Marinovic, Luka Djerek, Filipe Marcelo Macao Magalhaes, Tomislav Borozni, Danijel Juric, Mladen Stepic and Tomislav Vidovic – we are proud of you!