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(EN) Steampunk/industrial custom table

  • All of us always wanted to make something special; a unique hand-made thing we can use on daily basis, but also something what will have our own artistic “touch” and value.

    In this case, our project was a steampunk/industrial table. You know what they say: measure twice – cut once. After several measuring, the right height, width and length was defined. Several different wood planks were glued together. It was important to find wood with nice wood grain in order to look more interesting. After gluing and cutting planks, it was time to use a torch. This is a slow process, so take your time and be very careful not to cause fire. Tip: follow the wood grain by moving a torch up and down.






    Tubes were cut and welded to fit perfectly under the table. We were lucky enough to find several piston rods from an old truck. Rust had to be removed and everything had to be adjusted to the frame we did earlier. Always have in mind that table “legs” have to be very strong, especially if the tabletop is heavy, like in this case.






    OK, the tabletop is ready: we are quite happy how the wood grain turned out and it is time to add some wood dye. It will bring more “life”, but it will also look more vintage. In this case, we will use 3 layers of orange wood dye and one very light layer of red wood dye. Make sure to wear gloves, otherwise your hands will be painted, too!






    Once the tabletop is painted, we will add some transparent black burst on side by using an airbrush technique. Our inspiration were electric guitars which have so called “burst” and that effect gives an elegant look and more contrast. After 4 thin layers of transparent black and 24 hours of drying, it was time to clear coat the tabletop. After 6 layers of high-gloss clear coat, we will leave it for next 7-10 days to get dry. When applying clear coat, please, wear your respiration mask!





    The tabletop is dry - it is time to assemble everything. Before that, we added plastic covers in tube holes on bottom of the construction itself. One more practical tip: copper pipes were added on opposite side of the table to prevent a laptop, monitor or a lamp from falling down and causing damage. We used special acid to make it look vintage and beautiful colors came up. As always, copper pipes were clear coated once the relic process was done. Frame was clear coated, too, to protect it from rust, but also to give a little bit of shine and to match the tabletop.


    And here it is: our custom, handmade, one of a kind steampunk/industrial table!

    We hope you enjoyed this project and hope it will inspire you to make something on your own.

    Good luck!