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(EN) Interview: SelfCAD - Mr. Sammy Ekaran

  • As a 3D model hosting site, we recently we had a comprehensive interview with Mr. Sammy Ekaran, the digital marketer of a startup called SelfCAD.  SelfCAD is a full-fledged 3D modeling software that runs on the browser which allows one to model, sculpt and slice all in one program. It is quite interesting to know that SelfCAD was founded by a single person - Aaron Breuer and he designed it with the help of a dedicated team of programmers and designers.  We would like to share the conversation we had.





    What is the idea behind SelfCAD?

    SelfCAD is a software designed for the manufacturing market and those who own or plan to have a 3D printer. It has made 3D printing easier by bringing all capabilities and features in one place; that is, users no longer have to shift from one program to another in order to model, customize or print an object.



    For whom and for what did you create it?

    SelfCAD was created for everyone, that is, for both novice users and professionals in 3D modeling, engineers, hobbyists, students, etc., and we aim at ensuring that 3D printing is accessible to all. SelfCAD does not demand any expertise in 3D modeling. All users can bring out their creative potential without taking months of training. 



    Please, introduce SelfCAD to us. When was it released?

    SelfCAD was founded in 2015 in New York City by Mr. Aaron Breuer and he launched it in late 2016. In 2017, we partnered with MyMiniFactory. SelfCAD users can import the models to the SelfCAD editor and modify them to suit their needs or upload them for other people to see.  



    How often do you update the software and which elements do you plan to add next? 

    We have made the following updates so far: SelfCAD First Update After the release of SelfCAD, we made the first update on December, 2017. In this update, we added a comprehensive set of new drawing tools which includes: Spline drawing,Text drawing, Circular drawing, Ellipse drawing, Donut drawing, Rectangular drawing, Line drawing and Brush drawing.

    These tools are focused more on advanced users. It allows them to create complex models as we make it easier for beginners, too. For example, one can draw rectangular shapes using the line drawing tool by just clicking on the four edges and connecting them.  In addition to the drawing tools, converting lines into splines and also combining splines and lines into one shape was made easier.

     SelfCAD 2.0- The Big Update SelfCAD 2.0 was launched in September 2018.  In this update, the biggest part of the interface was changed and made much more intuitive and the tools were well arranged in the toolbar hence helping users save time when locating tools.


    • New 3D sketching tools were added to increase the users’ level of freedom and design capabilities.
    • A simple 3D object view that allows users to view their models in all angles at a click of a button which consists of both light and dark view mode was added.
    • 2D, 3D, and freehand drawing tools was made much easier to use.
    • The measurement option was added to make it easier to design accurate models.


    See this video to learn more:





    What makes SelfCAD different from other CAD programs in the market?

    The novice users find it hard to get started with complex software and those basic ones are only meant for introduce 3D modeling and later they will need to upgrade. SelfCAD has bridged this gap by being easier to use and powerful at the same time. Once a user starts learning SelfCAD they won’t need to upgrade it later. It is a software one can just jump into and master easily. That is why it is a perfect program for consumers as they can make into reality whatever they conceive. 

    SelfCAD has in-built slicer that is comparable with the Cura engine. One can slice their models based on object-specific settings, material-specific, and 3D printer settings. SelfCAD has indeed simplified the world of 3D printing by bringing all tools and features under a single roof. 




    What are the key features of SelfCAD?

     SelfCAD has powerful sculpting brushes, there are 2D, 3D drawing and sketching tools which have real-time Boolean and freehand drawing and unique settings which are just interesting, it has easy selection modes, Magic Fix tool for fixing the object if it’s manifold before slicing it, there is Image To 3D tool to allow one to convert any image into a 3D model, there are also Shape generators which are useful in creating an object from scratch with ease and in-built CNC Slicer for slicing your models.



    Which is the target group of SelfCAD and what is the mission of your company?            

    SelfCAD targets those who own a 3D printer and would like to design their models as well as those learning 3D modeling as a hobby. 



    Do you provide your users with an option to work with imported objects? 

    Yes. SelfCAD has an import option that allows one to import their designs and modify them according to their needs. You can import directly from MyMiniFactory to SelfCAD and customize them. The users can also download models from PARTcloud.net 3D portal for free or they can upload them after the design process for other people to see. PARTcloud.net has app version of the website which you can download. PARTcloud.net app is great and interesting because users can find any model they need by the help of the sketch search feature and one can see their 3D part as a cyan model. If you have not tried PARTcloud.net 3D portal yet, you can check it out through this link:




    Working with imported objects is very helpful, because if one cannot design them from scratch, they can simply modify the existing ones. 



    Which materials do you provide beginner users with? How can they fasten up the learning process? 

    SelfCAD has seven playlists on YouTube and step by step guide lines on instructables to help our users learn SelfCAD. Check out the tutorials here:




    Step by step articles on instructables:





    Where can we see the designs that people create within SelfCAD?

    We have uploaded the models we have designed on several 3D portals like PARTcloud.net, MyMiniFactory, etc. You can check them out through these links. 




    You can also check out our gallery on Pinterest for exclusive pictures.




    Final Thoughts

    One can literally work on all types of designs including basic and complex shapes, and innovative concepts, too. SelfCAD is still being improved and in a few months, it will be possible to animate in the software. This was a great opportunity for us to review SelfCAD with Mr Sammy Ekaran. If you have any questions about SelfCAD, you can reach out to them through:



    You can also follow them on social media: