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(EN) CADENAS B2Run team

  • First overall place as “The Fastest IT Company”! Amazing score by our CADENAS team which participated in 2019 B2Run races organized for companies located in Croatia. They were held in four Croatian cities: Split, Rijeka, Osijek and Zagreb, respectively.  Competition was very strong, especially in last 4th Zagreb race with more than 8000 runners and this is the reason why our CADENAS team had to be in top shape all the time.


    Our first outstanding result was “The Fastest IT Company” in 2nd race held in city Rijeka with average time 21:49. We held that position until the final 4th race in Zagreb when we had much better average time 20:02. Also, in 3rd race held in city Osijek, we scored 2nd place “Middle Size Companies”.  What a score! As a reward by sponsors, our employees will be part of Mazda Experience and they will enjoy new Mazda vehicles for one week.


    Total of 703 companies, 11219 runners, over 56095 run kilometers and more than 2000 fans is very impressive number which speaks for itself and proves how strong the competition was.


    Absolutely amazing result considering this was the first time CADENAS Croatia team participated in B2Run event. Organizers had an interview with our team in order to find out more about us. Our employees explained that we are into sport and this was the first time we decided to participate in B2Run. As a company with a very strong competitive spirit, we always do our best and we believe we can achieve good result, but and this is beyond our expectations. This is typical for our Croatian mentality: small nation inclined to exaggerate greatly! 


    When they told us that competitors spread out the word they will train hard for the next year race, our employee Matko Bednjanec simply smiled and replied: “Yes, you do that. So, we will, too.”


    Our CADENAS team (by alphabetic order):


    1. Bednjanec Matko
    2. Đerek Luka
    3. Juric Danijel
    4. Magalhaes Filipe Marcelo Macao
    5. Majetic Anita
    6. Stepic Mladen
    7. Vidovic Tomislav
    8. Vukelic Stjepan


    Congratulations and good luck next year!