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(EN) Slavonian Race 2019 - Slavonski Brod, Croatia

  •      Same as the last year, Slavonian Race (or Slavonska utrka on Croatian language) was held in Slavonski Brod, Croatia on 24th of August 2019. That was the second annual race with the intention to create a traditional race with more and more runners all over Slavonia (eastern region of Croatia), but also from another parts of Croatia and another countries. Approximately 300 runners were participating this year. The race itself was divided into 5 and 10 kilometers races.

    Of course, our CADENAS runners were participating and proudly wearing blue and white CADENAS T-shirts: Matko Bednjanec and Tomislav Petric.




    Hostesses and hosts were dressed in traditional Slavonian outfits in order to make it even more realistic, but also to show that Slavonian heritage is still alive. All participants could not wait to hear the sound of a whistle and to finally start running.



    And here we go – the race is ON! Among all of them, we still managed to capture faces of our CADENAS boys!





    As we expected, one of the first runners to show up was a guy in CADENAS T-shirt.



    Matko “The Speed Of The Light” Bednjanec!



    And then this guy showed up!



    Tomislav “No Time For Press” Petric!



    After the race, the best reward was a cold beer, good company and nice music, so it was just the perfect way to finish this beautiful day. Our guys will have few days of rest and then they will continue with their trainings for the final B2Run race which will take place in Zagreb on 3rd of October 2019.

    Good luck!



    Brothers in runs (5km and 10km)!