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(EN) PARTcloud.net member: Santiago Galárraga

  • We would like to introduce our most active members on PARTcloud.net once a month. The goal is to find out more about them, but also to show our appreciation for their contribution. 


    August 2019: Santiago Galárraga









    1. Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and your background?

    Hi all! My name is Santiago Galarraga and I am from Ecuador. I am relatively new in the 3D modeling. I always found it interesting, but I started just about one year ago while I was studying technology (industrial mechanic). This is how I learned basics of design in Solidworks and Inventor. Thankfully to Internet, I was able to learn more and that was the moment when I realized I really like industrial design. One of my goals is to become great industrial designer, hopefully! 


    2. What software do you use?

    For now, I use Solidworks - it is more friendly, easy to use. Still, I have to say I prefer Inventor, because interface looks great.


    3. When and how did you start with 3D modeling and what was your first model?

    I started with the 3D modeling in my class of inventor two years ago during studying. My first 3D model was a backhoe and that was also my final class project.


    4. What are your favorite modeling subjects/themes?

    My favorite 3D modeling subjects are war aircrafts and cars. This is something I really like and have passion about!





    5. Are you also into 3D printing?

    Honestly, I am not familiar with 3D printing. It looks very interesting, but I am not into that (yet).


    6. Is there any specific 3D model you are proud of and why?

    Yes, I am proud of a tube bender 3D model, because this was the first model where I did 3D animation.


    7. What was the most challenging project you have done?

    The most challenging project was the backhoe, because that was my first serious 3D modeling subject and, at that point, I was still new and without any knowledge and experience. Also, the model itself was very demanding considering it is a complex model with many parts attached to it.


    8. As one of our most active members on PARTcloud.net, what do you find so attractive about it?

    I find PARTcommunity/PARTcloud attractive mostly because of the interactivity among members; everyone is ready to help and this is how we support each other.


    9. What features in PARTcommunity/PARTcloud would you like to see in the future?

    It would be great to see more 3D tutorials of designers with more experience and knowledge like there are few in our 3D Video Tutorials group here:




    10. Do you have any other hobbies?

    Yes, I have several hobbies! For example: I play football, I like to watch movies in cinema and to watch animes.


    11. Do you have any goals for the future regarding 3D modeling?

    As I mentioned earlier, I would like to study industrial design certified by Desk and to become a great designer!


    12. What advice would you give to beginners?

    My advice to beginners is to continue to prepare themselves for their future goals, do not give up and practice a lot. Use Internet in order to learn more, but also enjoy in what you do.  That is the most important thing.

    I would also like to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself - I appreciate it! PARTcommunity.com/PARTcloud.net is a group of designers and friends who share the same passion and we enjoy in what we do!

    "For a designer there is nothing impossible."




    You can see all 3D models by Santiago here: