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(EN) CADENAS Croatia attends Sommerfest 2019 - Augsburg, Germany headquarters

  • Same as every year, CADENAS organizes Sommerfest for their employees and their family members, so 2019 was no exception. A chance to see our dear colleagues and to participate in attractive games is something very tempting and this is why our CADENAS Croatia team packed their stuff within a second and headed to Augsburg, Germany.


    Not even a long journey or hot weather could stop them in their mission. After some refreshment, they were ready for all challenges, but the biggest one, of course, was rafting on Eiskanal in Augsburg. Special suits, helmets, vests and other protection equipment was ready for them, so all they had to do was to get their paddles, say a short prayer and here we go! 

    Several teams were competing and the only important thing was to score the best time. As always, teamwork is the key of success; everyone had their own role in this demanding quest - all for one and one for all!

    Laughter and screams were exchanging all the time while boats were speeding down the river, teammates were helping each other, especially to those who fell OUT from the boat! However, they all managed to finish this extraordinary race.

    Unfortunately, one wedding ring was lost during the rafting and deep water became its new home. We can still hear Gollum Smeagol whispering in a distance: “My Precious…”


    At the end, is there any better way to finish a day other than with  your co-workers and surrounded by beautiful nature?