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(INT) CADENAS Croatia logo - photo session

  • CADENAS Services d.o.o. (Slavonski Brod, Croatia) had a „small“ photo session recently. Almost 200 employees work there at the moment and they went to our local aero-club field to get their picture taken. This was not just an ordinary photo session: our design in marketing team made a 3D blue print in order to simulate position of each employee located in CADENAS logo. After that, Cinema4D was used to simulate camera height and angle.



    Then, a huge piece of nylon (30x7meters) was positioned on the ground and we draw/transferred a grid from Cinema4D simulation and positions of every employee by using a paint spray.




    It took some time to organize everything and to make sure each employee stands in the right spot. Also, a drone with camera was used to take multiple photos from different heights and angles, but also to make a video recording.




    Once everything was done, CADENAS logo was finished in Photoshop; the whole floor was digitally removed and replaced with a new one (concrete surface) and the final video was made by using the best recording parts.





    This project took some time, but it was worth it.

    This is the final CADENAS logo photo and video - we are proud of it!