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(EN) Industrial-Craft High School (Slavonski Brod, Croatia) visits CADENAS Croatia

  • CADENAS Croatia recently had a visit by our local Industrial-Craft High School from Slavonski Brod (course: technical drawing/draftsman). They are preparing students for their future jobs, so it is always welcome to introduce them to companies related to technical drawing and 3D modeling/printing field.


    During the visit, students had a chance to see CADENAS facilities and how an ordinary working day looks like. They were introduced to all teams within our company and explained what their tasks are. Of course, the most interesting things were our 3D printed projects, 3D hologram projector and our 3D portal PARTcloud.net where some students already uploaded their 3D models. Two of their former students already work for CADENAS Croatia and, hopefully more will join us. It was an interesting, informative and entertaining day.








    AutoCAD and SolidWorks is usually used at Industrial-Craft High School and they are currently taking part in 2 projects: Effective e-learning system (based on digital competences) and 3D4VET (3 professors have finished 3D printing course). The goal is to teach 3D modeling and 3D printing which they will use in future. They are also involved in many innovative projects and one of the most interesting is a solar car. The most persistent students are able to find a job easily and this is an excellent example how transferring our knowledge and experience is crucial and hard work will pay off sooner or later: the future of our world remains on next generations.


    Thank you for visiting us, it is a pleasure to cooperate with you and we hope to see you soon!