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(EN) FAI F5J Eurotour World Cup 2019 (Croatia)

  • FAI F5J “Kup Broda” World Cup 2019 competition was 1st edition of its kind held in Slavonski Brod, Croatia (1st and 2nd of June 2019). Our company CADENAS was one of sponsors who supported this flying event. Total of 35 competitors from Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, China and Croatia participated in this attractive competition.

    F5J rules: Electric motor launch, altitude limited thermal duration of 30 seconds launch window, 1 point per meter penalty for each meter of launch altitude at window end up to 200 meters, 3 point per meter penalty for each meter above 200 meters.

    Unfortunately, weather conditions were bad. Even although it was windy and rainy, all competitors managed to finish 7 rounds (minimum is 4 rounds in order to be valid). This weather conditions showed who has got the best skills and experience.

    It was nice to see that kids are taking over from their parents and already now achieving excellent results. We had a chance to see several glider crashes and we managed to capture one of them on our photos where you can see one glider with a broken tail. But that is not all: a stork joined our flying competition and the message was clear – I am the boss here!


    After two days of the competition, all individual scores were calculated and first three places were announced:


    1. Arijan Hucaljuk, Croatia – 2969 points
    2. Primoz Rizner, Slovenia – 2931,4 points
    3. Sasa Pecinar, Croatia – 2890,7 points



    Congratulations to FAI F5J World Cup 2019 winners, but also to all participants who did a great job!








































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