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(EN) FAI F3K Eurotour World Cup 2019 (Croatia) final results

  • This year, FAI F3K Eurotour World Cup 2019 competition sponsored by CADENAS (25-26th of May) held in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, brought 18 competitors from different countries like Hungary, Austria, China and Croatia. This event is a multitasking contest where radio-controlled glider models must be hand-launched and accomplish specific tasks. In principle, the contest should consist of at least five rounds within 10-minute time frame.

    Weather conditions were perfect, participants did their best and everyone had great time.

    After two days of the competition, all participants completed 14 rounds. Individual scores were calculated and judges finally announced the overall total result:


    1. Nikola Francic, Croatia – 12997 points
    2. Arijan Hucaljuk, Croatia – 12846 points
    3. Marko Damjanovic, Croatia – 12724 points


    Congratulations to winners and all participants and see you next year!



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