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(EN) B2Run Croatia 2019 – Rijeka, Croatia

  • We recently wrote about our CADENAS team who participated in B2Run Croatia (town Split) running 5 kilometers competition organized for companies located in Croatia. That was the first time our team decided to test their capabilities and they scored excellent results.

    Second race in series of four was held on 23rd of May 2019 in town Rijeka and 97 teams applied which is more than double comparing with the first one! This fact speaks for itself how popular this sport event is becoming and how strong competition is. Previously, our team scored 1:07:01 total result, while this time they scored 1:02:25 which is 4:36 minutes better than the last time. They worked hard, prepared themselves very well and managed to come with this outstanding score:


    1. Luka Djerek – 19:01
    2. Matko Bednjanec – 20:18
    3. Danijel Juric – 23:06
    4. Stjepan Vukelic – 24:44


    Out of 97 teams total, our guys scored 12th place!

    In category “Companies with 50-250 employees” – CADENAS team scored 5th place!

    In category “IT Company” – CADENAS team scored 2nd place!

    Our employee Luka Djerek scored 9th time among approximately 1400 competitors in total!



    What to say on such an amazing score other than: CADENAS TEAM, CONGRATULATIONS AND WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!


    See you next month at the 3rd race in town Osijek – good luck!