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(EN) 2018 3D Modeling Championship winners!

  • Our PARTcloud.net 2018 3D Modeling Championship was very successful and, thankfully to our participants, we had a lot of great and creative 3D models. Once again, we would like to say big „THANK YOU“ to all members, because you are the one who made it so special. The challenge brought 3D modeling experts from all around the world and hundreds of amazing 3D models. First 8 places got points, so members who were constantly active managed to achieve great score. At the end of the year, we finally got our winners and, as a sign of appreciation, we sent them a small surprise. Once again, our 2018 3D Modeling Championship winners are:

    1st place: James Strickland (USA)

    2nd place: Wolfgang Siebert (Germany)

    3rd place: Leonardo Ico (Philippines)



    Congratulations and thank you all!