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(EN) B2Run Croatia 2019 - Split


    B2Run is a Croatian running competition for companies organized all over Croatia (Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Zagreb). It is not just a race; its purpose is also team building, introduction of your company, getting new business contacts, but also having a lot of fun!

    For the first time, our CADENAS team was represented in HT B2Run Split 2019 run which took place on 25th of April. This competition was 4 times bigger than the previous one, so this fact speaks for itself how popular this event is and how many competitors came to win. Our guys had very demanding task to accomplish, but they did an amazing job: all of them achieved their best personal records! It was 5 kilometers race and CADENAS team scored the following results:

    1. Matko Bednjanec – 19:36
    2. Danijel Juric – 22:32
    3. Mladen Stepic – 24:11
    4. Tomislav Vidovic – 29:44

    Considering 46 companies applied for this running competition, several different categories were created depending on the size of the company. In total, CADENAS team scored 19th place which is really good result considering this was our first time that we participated. In category „Big companies with more than 100 employees“, CADENAS scored 12th place.

    We would like to congratulate our guys, wish them a lot of luck in future B2Run races and we hope they will come back home with medals next time!