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(EN) PARTcloud.net member: Lev Suvorov

  • We would like to introduce our most active members on PARTcloud.net every two weeks. The goal is to find out more about them, but also to show our appreciation for their contribution.


    September 2018: Lev Suvorov









    1. Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and your background?

    My name is Lev Suvorov and I am from Russia. I studied pharmacy for a while, but then decided to take CAD-classes, considering I always wanted to learn 3D modeling. This is how I learned to work in the mechanical 3D software.


    2. What software do you use?

    I mostly use SolidWorks.


    3. When and how did you start with 3D modeling and what was your first model?

    I was always into 3D modeling, but after my classes, I started with some „serious“ work and experiments. My first model was a robot, Johnny 5, from “Short circuit” movie which were very popular at that time, it gave me inspiration for my first model.




    4. What are your favorite modeling subjects/themes?

    My favorite subjects are movie and game characters, mostly robotic/mechanical stuff, since SolidWorks software is perfect for this.


    5. Are you also into 3D printing?

    I am interested in 3D printing and that is one of my next goals.


    6. Is there any specific 3D model you are proud of and why?

    If I have to choose some of my favorite models, that would be Ed-209 (“RoboCop” movie) and Chappie droid (“Chappie” movie), because of highly detailed parts. I have spent many hours on those models, so I believe that it turned out very competitive.









    7. What was the most challenging project you have done?

    The most challenging models was Ramotith the Zoanoid (anime “Guyver”) for sure! This guy is fully covered with fur (basically, a werewolf), I had to set EACH hair separately! Eventually, it didn’t look as good as planned, therefore I’m not so proud of it.


    8. As one of our most active members on PARTcloud.net, what do you find so attractive about it?

    PARTcloud.net gives an opportunity to show your creativity, 3D modeling skills and also to make some money.


    9. What features in PARTcommunity/PARTcloud would you like to see in the future?

    Honestly, I am not sure. It is okay as it is at the moment.


    10. Do you have any other hobbies?

    In fact, yes! I like soccer, I go to the gym and of course I like videogames! :)


    11. Do you have any goals for the future regarding 3D modeling?

    Well, they are more dreams, rather than goals. One of them is to be involved in the moviemaking or game development industry. That would be really awesome; to do something I really like and to do that for a living.


    12. What advice would you give to beginners?

    Learn, develop, evolve. 3D world is worth it!