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(EN) 3D printed project: a glider!

  • This article is about our latest 3D printed project - a glider. With short "step by step" guide lines, we will show you how it was done. Hope you like it!



    1. After we collected all available info, 3D modeling was the first step needed for this project. It was quite easy job to do considering it is a simple model.





    2. 3D printing went smoothly, but with a lot of support parts which had to be removed. This took a while. Surface was not flat at all (in fact, it was very rough), so a car filler was added 5 times (with fingers!). Every single time you add a new layer of filler, it has to be dried for 24 hours and then wet sanded. 



    3. After all those layers of filler, 3 more layers were added, but this time we used spray filler. Again, everything was sanded to be perfectly smooth before the paint job.



    4. The model was painted in white first. In that case, next color (red) will be much brighter and intensive.



    5. Next step: red color (airbrush technique). As you can see, that red looks beautiful!



    6. Wings have to be white, so everything else is protected and we can start with the next step of paint job – white.




    7. And this is how it looks like when the tape is removed.



    8. Time to paint the cabin into black, so the same procedure will follow.





    9. Once everything is done, it is time to clear coat it. 5 layers of clear coat are applied and left to dry for several days. Our glider is finally done!