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(EN) Beer Case - Steampunk Style

  • In this blog, we have something really special – custom handmade steampunk beer case! Our goal was to build something really unique and one of a kind, so we used our imagination (and a lot of patience!). Also, it needed to look vintage. First step was to find all parts, so local junk yard is the right place to go. All decoration parts are purchased from different shops on Internet.

    Wood panels are cut, sanded and burnt by using a small blowpipe. You have to be very careful not to cause fire! When everything was done, all wooden pieces are painted (dye paint) first into yellow, then red and then yellow, again. To achieve even better contrast, everything was burnt one more time.

    Considering you will carry it in your hand, a handle was added to the disc. Two pieces of wood are cut, sanded, burnt and attached together, so now it feels like a knife hande – very comfortable.

    Decoration parts have got one more purpose – to keep the box stronger. Some of the parts are painted into bronze color and patina effect was added. The bronze key (attached to the chain) is not only a decoration piece, it is an actual bottle opener!

    Once when everything was done, the beer case was clear coated (high gloss) to look more elegant, but also to protect it from scratches.

    We hope you like it and we hope it will inspire you to make your own original beer case.