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(EN) Custom retro bicycle with engine - part 2

  • This is the second blog on custom handmade retro bicycle with engine and we will describe progress regarding decorative part. As we already mentioned before, this springer style fork is taken from a motorcycle (from 1938) and it was in a really bad condition. Sand-blasting is needed to remove all that corrosion and to be sure everything is done right. This is how the forks looks like once the procedure is done.


    As always, it will be painted with anti-corrosion paint. Few layers of paint are applied and that should be enough to protect it. This paint is usually used to protect trains from corrosion, so it is a high-quality product.


    Painting time: forks and rear fender are painted in black. It is a basic color we will use to create more relic, vintage effect once copper is applied on top of it. All spots where copper will not be attached will appear as a small cracks and will give a unique appearance.


    Once when black paint is dry, we can apply copper/bronze leaves. This step requires quite a lot of time and a lot of cleaning (read: patience!). Make sure to have your vacuum cleaner close to you, because this will become a real mess once you start removing excess copper leaves. Everything is glued and cleaned right and this is how the forks and the rear fender look now. In next blog, we will show how the owner Dubravko Sotola made a custom gas tank (hand-made), so stay tuned!