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(EN) 3D project: Mr. Raccoon!

  • This week we have new 3D project: a raccoon! The model is created by Ringmaster and downloaded from Thingiverse. This is going to be our first attempt to paint an animal with fur, so it will be a little bit tricky. As always, we will try to improvise to get the best possible results. Our raccoon is printed and, after cleaning the support, everything looks OK. So, let’s start with the paint job.


    The model is painted in gray using an ordinary paintbrush. Considering black and white will be added, the best solution was to use gray as a base color. We are using water-based paint; black and white are mixed together and few drops of water are applied.


    It takes only 15-20 minutes to get dry and we can start with black paint. Again, just a regular paintbrush and light brush strokes of black paint are added. It is a good idea to find a raccoon photos and use it as a reference.


    White paint is applied to certain areas. If you check closely, we added more paint on head and tail area, because those two are the most important. In that case, it will get your attention.


    OK, fur… Solution - a toothpick! This will take some time, but the final result is really good. It is important not to scratch too deeply, otherwise the paint will be removed and yellow plastic will appear, again.


    When “scratch” job is done, the hardest part is coming: everything has to be painted, again, in all three colors with a toothpick. In that case, transaction between areas will be smoother and it will look more natural. This is the last step, so take your time. Once everything is done, the raccoon is clear coated (three thin layers). We hope you liked this blog and hope you can use some of this tips in your future projects.


    Mr. Raccoon!